In our alliance it is important to us that our research work is not separate from our core focus, therefore first and foremost our R&D activity is concerned with ensuring excellent pedagogy.

We have two specific grants from the National College.

The first is involving 4 of our schools in a nationwide project called ‘Closing the Gap’ . This is an ambitious programme trialling different interventions aimed at raising achievement for our least able pupils. Of all the schools involved, some will be controls (no interventions).

We have a second grant to look at methods of ensuring that teaching schools impact on pedagogy. We will be using this to develop our NRich course by following course members back into school to support implementation of pedagogical change.

We are delighted to have our own link researcher from the IOE – Gorden Pope.

Following the launch of the Early Years hub project in Liverpool at the end of May, Bernadette Duffy and Helen Holgate put together a Camden programme for 2014-15. Being part of a national project means that we will be networked with other Early Years Clusters across the country and will be able to draw on others’ expertise as well as share our work in Camden. Feedback from our participants this year has been very positive with many practitioners reporting an increase in their understanding of how children learn and how they can promote this. The project is also demonstrating an impact on children’s learning, in particular on boys’ literacy and children’s creativity and critical thinking. Settings will be organised into study groups of three based on their interests and each group will be led by a facilitator. During each term the study group will focus on one of the settings in their group to help develop practice across all their settings.